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An unique tool for

Non-profit research organizations
Biopharmaceutical companies

Focus on early stage unpublished life sciences patent applications

The PharmaPlus Unpublished Pharma Patent Applications database especially responds to the demand for early stage inventions of investors and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We provide industry with a single point of search across a wide range of life sciences licensing opportunities for which a patent application has been filed but not yet has been published.
The database focuses on early stage unpublished life sciences patent applications, more particularly on biopharmaceutical products and technologies within 18 months after their patent filing or priority date.

Worldwide sourcing of licensing opportunities

We actively source unpublished early stage patent applications among the best universities and research organizations worldwide. Our specific database provides non-profit research organizations a unique opportunity to promote and license their unpublished patent applications as soon as possible after patent filing.

Always up-to-date

We continuously update our database and remove licensing opportunities older than 18 months after their filing or priority date. In addition we actively promote this unique database worldwide to potential investors and suitable collaboration partners who are looking for in-licensing opportunities.

Focus areas

The Unpublished Pharma Patent Applications database solely displays diagnostic, therapeutic, vaccines, animal models, research tools and platform technologies. Each licensing opportunity presented in the database contains information on the invention background, development status, potential applications, IP position and full contact details.

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